Stylist Spotlight: Ashley

You probably know Ashley as one of our amazing color experts and owners at bel ami, but read on to get to know more about her!

Tell us about your time at bel ami Salon

My time at bel ami has been great! Being an owner is awesome because you get to have opinions on things and bring change to life really quickly. And, knowing that all of the decisions you make for your staff are made in the best interest of your staff.

Why do you do hair?

I do hair because I love it, I don’t feel like I go to work every day. I feel like I get to come in and mess around with some of my best friends every day, some of your clients literally become some of your good friends. It doesn’t feel like work or like a chore. My employees, the staff, has become family so this place is like a second home, a place to hang out.

What is your area of expertise/favorite thing to do?

Color. If I could never cut hair again, I wouldn’t. I just want to apply color all day, it’s what I love. I’d love to have the time to take 4 hours on every head and not stop until it’s perfect. I’m a perfectionist. Color, I love it. Eat, sleep, dream it.

When you aren’t at work, what are you doing?

Oh, I’m probably working. Whether that is finding out new marketing stuff, figuring out our books, buying presents, hanging out with the staff. You can probably find me at home playing with my baby, I really enjoy her right now.

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?

So I think this is actually going to happen for our honeymoon, which is really exciting. I want to go to the Mediterranean like Greece and Italy or Barcelona, or I’d also really like to go to Iceland since I’ve heard it isn’t that cold. Both me and my fiancée Jeremy agree that we really want to see a rushing waterfall. Not any of those little trickling waterfalls you see up at Horsetooth. More like something you could stand on the back end of, like those one from fairy tales. And I definitely am an adrenaline junkie, I want to skydive. Jeremy is scared of heights so that is putting a damper on us riding in a hot air balloon but I have to do that too.

What is your favorite food?

Cheese. Anything cheese. Pizza with cheese, hamburger with cheese, a block of cheese. Cheese and apples, all sorts of cheese. Blue cheese is probably my favorite, on fries, on burgers, on wings. I mean, cheese. Cheese and wine is good, cheese and beer is good, cheese and vodka is good, I mean there’s nothing I’ve found that cheese isn’t good with. Cheese is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacks, or even for like a cheese fondue dessert.

Who is your favorite band/musician?

I really like Jimmy Hendricks, The Doors, The Beetles, I’m kind of an old soul. But right now, Quinn XCII, get at me! Like with that Stacy song, love it. I’m actually going to go see him soon so I’ll let you know if I actually still like him. I like old-school bands. But I do like Eric Church and I don’t really like country.

Tell us a crazy story from your life

I was 15 and driving with my learner’s permit. My school was so far away from my house that I was allowed to school and back, no one else was allowed in the car. But, that didn’t always work, sometimes my friends needed a ride home from school! One time, I was taking my friend Stephanie home, and I was trying to turn around in this man’s driveway, and I back straight into a light pole. It literally fell on my car, the light part not the whole pole.

Later, I found out that the entire pole fell when I drove away. So, then I go to my friend’s house to try to figure out what I was going to do, because I was freaking out. My mom’s friend, who was pretty cool, was like “you left the scene of a crime! You have to go back! You have to call!.” And I was like “No, I can’t, that’s admitting guilt, isn’t it?”

So I called my mom, she’s in a movie with my brother and my step mom and she is like “stop calling me! I’m in a movie!” When I told her I hit a light pole, she didn’t believe me! She thought my friends were jumping on my car, like why would I let my friends jump on my car?

So the next day comes along, nothing happens, and I think hey, I might get away with this, right? Nothing is damaged besides my 86 Honda Accord…and 2 days later the cops knock on our door.

“Ma’am? Do you drive this car?” “Um, no. My daughter does.” “Was she in an accident?” “No, no that I know of.” “She hit a light pole and left the scene of a crime.”

He ended up giving me so many points off of my license that I couldn’t actually drive until I was 17! And still to this day my mom doesn’t believe that I hit a light pole! Still thinks friends were jumping on my car, even after the police came.

Picture this: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What do you do with the elephant?

Oh, I’m definitely going to start a circus. I’d already have the main attraction. I’d probably build it a hut in my backyard, I’d let it live there. I think Clover would be great friends with an elephant, I think Scarlett would enjoy it. I’d probably have to talk Jeremy into it, and we’d have to move since my HOA wouldn’t allow it, but I’d definitely keep it. Elephants are so cute!

What do you wish more people knew about you?

I actually have a love for old trucks, I don’t think many people know that about me. My grandpa has a whole china cabinet filled with model old trucks. He always drove them, and I was the only grandkid who ever got to drive it. They remind me of my grandpa, so I love them!

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