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Everything Extensions : A Chat With Schalena

At some point, almost everyone has wished for instantly longer, fuller hair. Within the past few years, the popularity of hair extensions has absolutely skyrocketed, and we are in on the obsession. Today, there are countless brands and techniques of hair extensions, so it can be confusing to know what is right for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting hair extensions at bel ami Salon.

Why should you consider hair extensions?

Hair extensions will provide you with instant length and fullness. They are also great for people with fine hair who are looking for more body. They can really provide a huge confidence boost because the results are instant, you’ll walk out with your dream head of hair.

What types of hair extensions does bel ami Salon offer?

We do multiple types of hair extensions, they include:

Hand Tied- These are sewed into your hair using a bead method and thread. The hair is all in one weft and can be stacked to achieve the desired amount of fullness. This method tends to be better for people with finer, thinner hair.

Tape In- Your natural hair is sandwiched between two wefts of taped extension hair. Sometimes, there are single pieces used to cover more pieces of your natural hair.

I Tip- These extensions are made of single pieces of hair that are attached by beads. The natural hair is threaded through the bead and the bead is flattened to secure.

Halo- Halo extensions are different because they are removable and temporary. Basically, you wear them whenever you want to and take them out when you want. The hair is in a single piece held together by a circular fish wire. You put the hair on like a crown and brush your natural hair on top of it to create a seamless look.

We are equipped to do all kinds of extensions, including other temporary methods such as clip-ins. We will recommend a specific technique depending on the type of commitment and maintenance the client is looking for.

What is your favorite kind of extensions to do?

I’ve always really liked tape-in extensions, I like that the application time is faster. Also, clients have the option to remove their extensions (to prepare for maintenance move-up appointments) at home with professional remover. This makes maintenance appointments even easier and shorter! I also really like hand-tied for how gentle they are on your natural hair.

What does the process look like for someone getting extensions the first time?

We always start with a thorough consultation. Once you come into the salon, we will decide which method of extension is the best fit for you and find your best color match. Then, we will order your extensions that same day and schedule your installation appointment for a day and time that’s convenient for you. After your initial installation, you will come in for routine maintenance appointments to ensure the integrity of your natural hair and your extensions.

What else should clients know?

In order to keep your extensions and natural looking and feeling their best, keeping up with regular maintenance appointments is vital. Having hair extensions is an investment, but so worth it!

Are you ready to get in the chair to talk about extensions? Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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